GEPEC Courses by Dr. med. dent. Wolf Neddermeyer

Before the course begins

Good for you to know before the course.

Individual training guarantees effective skill.
- The course can take place on 12 o"clock units or if you wish - in your office with your instruments.
- You need 1m open space behind your horizontally mounted treatment unit. Do not forget your working glasses.

You will meet me:

My name is Wolf Neddermeyer. I am a dentist with a supplementary qualification, what we call in Germany an "oral surgeon . This qualification triggered an 8 year long more or less heavy painful period. At the age of 34 I opened my dental practice. From that day on my question was: who will live longer, my spine or my credit? I sometimes suffered more pain than my patients. At the age of 42 I came into contact with Dr. Daryl Beach. The application of his treatment concept saved my professional life. Since then I have advocated this concept. Course participants are experienced dentists who have been working for 7-20 years and became vicitms of damaging posture mistaught in the universities.

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