GEPEC Courses by Dr. med. dent. Wolf Neddermeyer

Course program

Key aspects of the 1.5 day hands on course

  • Standing as sitting upright protects the intervertebral discs

  • Two steps to position the dental patient

  • Learning mouth treatments with and without assistance

  • Preparing 140 different tooth surfaces (28 teeth / 5 surfaces /tooth) with the best sightings

  • Taking impression a on the horizontal patient

  • Scaling with one instrument for all roots

  • Extractions with two forceps for all teeth

  • Endodontic treatments without neck distortion

  • Positioning of handicapped patients

  • Dental hygienists learn solo treatment in all 4 quadrants in a balanced posture

  • Understand the principles of human interface (e.g. human-office layout, human-human)

If you are you interested in Dr.Beach' System you can find more information (in German) on a DVD. Presented in October 2014 on the International Bookfair in Frankfurt.
Entitled: The best and easiest way to perform dentistry.

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