GEPEC Courses by Dr. med. dent. Wolf Neddermeyer

GEPEC's guarantee

The application of GEPEC knowledge pays off.
The investment of 620,00€ - VAT not included - per practitioner for a 1.5 day course which will make your day-to-day work "a piece of cake . These training days will have a great impact on your future "dental behaviour .

A short way: from 9:00 to 12:00: only 90

The 9 o"clock dental units do not match balanced posture and natural movements. The dentist has to put up with adapting his posture to the unit, gets used to it slowly, and after a period of time suffers from orthopaedic disorders. When 9 o"clock units are used for 12 o"clock treatments they cannot be adapted correctly and, therefore, are open to awkward postures. They are not recommended for the practitioner"s highest performance.

After 8 years of "body twist : an astonishing experience-not just yet perfect

GEPEC Commitment

It is easy to sit balanced upright.
It is easy to sit balanced upright while treating all mouth structures as well.

This is the way you cut a crown on 27 after the 1,5 day course. Balanced posture, optimal direct view and reflected view with a dry mirror.

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