GEPEC Courses by Dr. med. dent. Wolf Neddermeyer

Program in pictures

Exercises for: Sitting posture

Balanced sitting needs slightly more weight on the ischial tuberosities than on the soles.
The vertebral column is held in a vertical position by a sacral support for the pelvis.
The vertebral column is on the prolongation of the vertical stool axis.
Natural angle of aperture of thighs.

Exercises for: Finger-instrument movements

The carefully developed balanced posture (left) provides a base for controlling the working fingers.
Aim of these exercises is to avoid tense manual guidance on all mouth structures.

Exercises for: Systematic reflected and direct views

Practicing the systematic use of the dental mirror on a sophisticated device spares those twisted movements you are used to while reaching inaccessible spots in the mouth.
The purpose of this exercise is to achieve a horizontal bipupillar line within the physiologic working focus and an optimal optical convergence.

Instrument movements on teeth surfaces

Exercises for: Finger-tooth contact

Mouth structures are assigned to finger instrument movements in order to attain smooth and natural treatment movements on all tooth surfaces. The application of five movement levels enables a non - damaging posture for treatment on all mouth structures.

A body without tension and an optimal view are basic for a skilful sensori-motor performance.

Exercises for dentist-ptient-assistant cooperation

Exercises for: Operating range of the dental assistant

The operating range of the dental assistance is deduced by a "selection procedure .
The dentist needs the space from 12:00 to 10:00, the assistant from 1:00.

Exercises for: Assistance in four quadrants with the easiest movements for instrument pick up and exchange.

The dental assistant"s working area is situated in a space within reach of necessary instruments that can be reached by a 45 rotation from mouth to instrument support.

The end of the exercises: treatments on a simulation model.

All treatments are performed with optimal body conditions, optimal positioning and maximum finger skill.

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